Xbox One X Release Date, Price, Specs and Games

August 15, 2017

With the launch of PS 4 Pro, Sony has already shown their cards for 2017 but there is another competitor in the market. Microsoft’s Xbox One X is all set to be launched later this year and here we are going to see what Microsoft has to offer.
Microsoft already begun listing the latest Xbox on their website and it feels impossible to wait for its launch.

Previously known as Project Scorpio, a big leap towards power as the processor is using liquid cooling which we have also seen in PC. Microsoft has also worked on new power management system ensuring efficient supply.
Xbox One X will run all the games previously launched for Xbox One with improved performance and lower boot times.

Xbox One X Release Date And Price

Speculation begins when Microsoft announced Xbox One X Released Date on November 7 at E3. The company also said that its new console will be affordable with just Xbox One X Price is $499 in the US and £449 in the UK. The pricing put the Microsoft in direct completion with the PS 4 Pro which will enable people to have serious thought.
People planning to build a custom PC should save their money and wait for benchmarks to come as it would be amazing to see a machine this powerful at just 499 bucks

Xbox One X Specs and Performance

This time Microsoft is claiming that its new gen Xbox is the most powerful console ever made.The Xbox One X is powered by a eight core CPU clocked at 2.3GHz which seems to be pretty low for a PC gamer perspective but do keep in mind about the compact space and thus reducing thermal throttling by lowering clock speed but a major CPU bump as compared with previous Xbox which is clocked at just 1.7GHz.

 It is packed with 12GB GDDR5 RAM alongside a GPU clocked at 1172MHz with 6 teraflops graphic computing unit.
The machine now comes with 1TB of space and UHD Blu-Ray player from previous Xbox one S.As far as Performance goes console doesn’t have a good track record in translating the specs on paper into the actual game play
The Xbox and Playstation can’t be compared by just looking at the spec sheet as they are using different sets of code and operating systems moreover gaming performance is entirely based upon how well game is optimized for the provided hardware.
But we can compare the GPU between the Xbox and a PC the 6TFLOPS on Xbox One X is similar to high end PC gaming card Nvidia’s GTX 1070 which can even support games at 1440p resolution and is capable of playing VR games. It’s fascinating as stress test which is based upon Forza Motorsport at Ultra High resolution ran at whopping 60fps and that too by using just 70% of the graphic memory.

And people might be worried that the new Xbox will run only at 4K resolution but the games developed for Xbox One X can be customised for all types of resolution, so even if you have a 1080p display you can still downscale the 4K resolution in 1080p to get the most crisp action without losing much quality or to get more frame per second bump up the graphics while still keeping the resolution at 1080p.
The improved performance of Xbox One X will help in providing buttery smooth experience for previous Xbox titles even if they are not optimized for new hardware.

Xbox One X Games

The Xbox One X will be receiving a free patch of Forza Motorsport 7 and Gears Of War 4 of which Microsoft gave demonstration of both these titles and the Forza Motorsport was able to harness the true power of One X with crisp detailing of cars that are at a distance. The story was same for Gears Of War 4 too, with much sharper detailing.

With the launch of One X Microsoft begins to write a different story which will not only play Xbox One games but also Xbox 360 games which can be playable on a new hardware.
The new games developed for Xbox One X includes Halo 5, Minecraft, Assassins Creed: Origins and Crackdown 3 and all these games will be patched prior to the launch. There is also a list of games that will feature on new console.


The new Xbox should be worth spending nearly twice the money as compared to previous model but if you have already got an Xbox you can still fulfil the needs for a couple of years, since you can still play the games developed for the Xbox One X but you might get some lags and the easy solution for that is downgrading Quality and if you have already have a 4K setup for media streaming then Xbox One X is no brainer.
Stay tuned for More updates on Xbox One X

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